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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many hunters a week do you take in camp?
A: 3 people a week to keep the pressure low and a smaller camp makes it a great place to enjoy your group or make new friends.

Q: How many weeks do you run?
A: 7-8 weeks

Q: How do I get license and how much?
A: You can buy at Walmart or Online. License is $180.96 and deer tag is $125 for 2020

Q: Can you use crossbows in OHIO?
A: Yes, crossbows are welcome!

Q: Can you use a rifle in OHIO?
A: Yes, only straight wall rifle during gun season


Q: Can you bait deer in OHIO?
A: Yes, baiting is legal for whitetail

Q: What do I need to bring?
A: Please bring your personal care items, camp slip on shoes, all hunting equipment including safety harness and tree strap. We provide bedding, towels, food, snacks, and drinks. The drinks provided are milk, water, OJ, sweet tea and anything at our lodge bar are available for your use.

Q: Do you have WIFI?

A: We have WIFI and Direct tv available for your use during your stay



Q: Do I bring my own climber
A: No, we have over 100 stands already preset before the season starts. They are checked yearly for safety

Q: Am I required to wear a safety harness?
A: If you are climbing into a tree stand you will be required to wear a safety harness for safety

Q: What happens to my buck after it's down?
A: RD will take care of pulling it out of the area (we do not gut deer on the properties) Your deer will be dressed, cleaned, and taken to a local butcher for processing before you leave so that you make take home your meat by the last day.

Q: What if I shoot a buck on the last day? How do I get my meat?

A: RD has a couple large does already processed at the beginning of season at the butcher in case you shoot on the last day so that you can still leave with deer meat as scheduled


RD's Rules

RD's Rules

1) All hunters are required to wear safety harness and fall restraint
2) All hunters must follow state game laws.
3) No scent is allowed on property
4) Hunters will walk to and from stand only.  No “scouting”
5) No smoking in tree stands, in lodge, around dressed hunters, or around scent free room.
6) Harvested buck must be 130 inches or bigger.  Hunters who harvest bucks under 130 inches will receive a $500 fine.

RD's Rules 2

7) If you shoot a buck every possible effort will be made to recover it. If your buck is not recoverable you will not be permitted to shoot a second buck.
8) No leaving trash behind on any property.
9) No intentional damage of any property
10) All hunters must follow any other rules or guidelines verbally given by staff members.